Educational Initiatives

STEAM - Flagship Program


A World-Class Education through Creative problem solving method has been introduced worldwide successfully using STEAM and futuristic problem solving activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It's the fusion of science and art required to enhance overall creativity.

This is an educational initiative for Nurturing life skills of SMART DECISION making skills through spontaneous problem solving activities. Being organised since 2016 involving over 1300 children.

International Exposure

Creativity Decathlon is a global brand for creativity education. The competition is held in Korea, sponsored by World Association of Creativity. Participants boost their consideration for others, team work and challenging spirit through exciting activities.

Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM) is a creative problem-solving program involving students from kindergarten through college. Team members work together at length to solve a predefined long-term problem and present their solution to the problem at a competition.

Odyssey Club

Concept of a multi functional learning corner in School for exploring their STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills sharpening their brain power, confidence and social skills.

Capacity Building

Skill Building Experiential learning through Hands on activities, for students, teachers & parents.

  • Mind opening Sessions filled with joyful hands on activities
  • Exposure to basics of scientific principles used in homes and industries
  • “Introducing Innovation in Class Room “, for teachers
  • “Neuron Activation and Life skills” for teachers and parents
  • “Sessions on ‘Basics of Developing Good Science projects
  • Take home models