About Us

Creative thinking is the cornerstone of innovation and progress. It is the ability to imagine new possibilities, think outside the box, and find unique solutions to complex problems. Creative Thinkers Foundation - Delhi, a pioneering organization in India, understands the importance of nurturing creative minds and has been at the forefront of promoting creative problem-solving among youth for the betterment of our future to nurturing scientific attitude of masses and it came to light in January 2016. Our organization revolves around cultivating creativity, innovation, and problem- solving abilities among both students and educators. We have done a diverse array of activities, taken initiatives, all aimed at empowering the potential leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, the foundation plays a vital role in providing a platform for underprivileged children, allowing them to tap into and develop their innate imaginative and innovative capabilities. In essence, the organization strives to be a catalyst for creativity and innovation in education.

Our Mission

At Creative Thinkers Foundation, we believe that imagination is the beginning of creation. We are dedicated to nurturing and developing the creative potential of every individual, regardless of their background or socio-economic status. Our goal is to create a world-class education system that focuses on learning by doing and enhances technical and life skills with the help of problem solving activities. Through these activities, students learn to think divergently and develop strategies to tackle real-world challenges. By nurturing their creative thinking skills, we aim to prepare them to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective fields. We do exercises and workshops for students to let them learn to investigate situations, identify challenges, and come up with innovative solutions.

‘SUPRABHAT’ Ek Naya Savera Society

In 2006 Group of educationists came together to serve the society and bring the change among underprivileged through their sister organisation - ‘SUPRABHAT – Ek Naya Savera’ (Social Utilization Of People And Resources Associated For Building Healthy Atmosphere).

The organization has commitment to bring social change and improvement in the lives of masses through various multi pronged initiatives like Awareness campaigns, workshops for capacity building skills workshops and enhancing knowledge base for empowerment. The focus is on a better understanding and expertise in the field of science, health, environmental education and life skills.

Some educator members focused on out of school and school drop out children and initiated Creative Thinkers Foundation (CTF) to bring change in educational environment.

International Exposure

Creativity Decathlon is a global brand for creativity education. The competition is held in Korea, sponsored by World Association of Creativity. Participants boost their consideration for others, team work and challenging spirit through exciting activities.

Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM) is a creative problem-solving program involving students from kindergarten through college. Team members work together at length to solve a predefined long-term problem and present their solution to the problem at a competition.

Odyssey Club

Concept of a multi functional learning corner in School for exploring their STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills sharpening their brain power, confidence and social skills.

Capacity Building

Skill Building Experiential learning through Hands on activities, for students, teachers & parents.

  • Mind opening Sessions filled with joyful hands on activities
  • Exposure to basics of scientific principles used in homes and industries
  • “Introducing Innovation in Class Room “, for teachers
  • “Neuron Activation and Life skills” for teachers and parents
  • “Sessions on ‘Basics of Developing Good Science projects
  • Take home models