Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

The organisation has been active nurturing the creativity of children who do not get opportunity to express their creativity.

The Schools and Organizations have been kind enough to provide venue for taking up sessions and workshops.

Below is a glimpse of our social initiatives.

Children from weaker sections

General masses in rural areas

Awareness campaigns for masses

Special skill building sessions for under privileged children in NCR.

Gram Panchayats and Anganwadis in Haryana helped finding venues for Awareness campaigns on Nutrition for Adolescent Women.

Social Media is a powerful tool which is broadly used to bring the change among masses through our various campaign programs. Our dedicated volunteers participate in these campaigns all over the country to nurture creativity and innovation.


Unique experiences of experiential learning in groups.

Developing various life skills, skills of problem analysis and problem solving skills through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) activities.

Our method has been successfully introduced into many schools through our various camps, clubs and STEAM events in NCR region have been organised India since 2016.

In our various events children have participated and winners were given opportunity to represent India at International platform.

Existing Coverage

2 villages were covered for Awareness campaigns on Nutrition for Adolescent Women. Many women were provided with information through hand outs on nutritional food and their importance.

Schools involved in / believing in total development of personality are finding it refreshing for children as well as teachers as it enhances divergent thinking and fulfills the creative urge of children.

During a short period of 3 years' time over a thousand children from around 70 odd schools have participated in spontaneous workshops and STEAM like events at national level.

Club format being used in NCR schools as a platform of awareness for nurturing innovation and creativity.

International exposure to Indian students has been given through participation in events and competition -STEAM DECATHLON in Korea, Odyssey of the Mind in USA and Europe. More than 7000+ children & 100+ teachers enroll for the programme every year and the numbers are growing every year.

Organize Inter college national and International Events in collaborative/ partnership mode.

TB Awareness Campaign of Bisrakh district, GB Nagar. For communication Folk forms was used which was enjoyed by the crowd of nearly 100 villagers.

Nutritional Food for Adolescence age in Haryana Villages ( supported by DST.)

Plantation Drive Plants planted at Rohini Sector 6, Delhi.

Yearly Lectures on World Earth Day & Science Day.

Quiz and Poster designing competition on `My Environment.