Why Partner with Us

  • We are working with a mission to make hone problem solving skills and capacities of taking logical decisions.
  • Being a little over a decade old, we have already been able to channelize sizeable resources from responsible individuals and funding organizations, aiming to achieve the Highest Social Returns.
  • When we partner with an organisation, we strive to get it and its employees directly involved in our welfare initiatives, making them an active participant in the process of bringing change at the grassroots, making us one of the best NGOs for CSR in India.

Corporate Support

“Sustainability, social equality and the environment are now business problems. And corporate leaders can't depend on governments to solve them...”

         – Peter Senge, Founder, Society for Organisational Learning

Education and life skill development area have been accepted to be prime importance for each member of society. Our Organisation works with a mission of bringing change in the existing   educational, social environment and nurture skills to bring the rate of change faster.

The commitment to contribute/ pool in resources, be it human resources or financial resource always helps in meeting the desired goals.  When inclination of Corporate and mission of groups focusing on any important sector as per identified need of the hour fall in the same priority line, the pace becomes faster for achieving the targets. 

Partner with us in our outreach creative learning projects to achieve better/ faster highest social return.


Causes You Can Support-

  •   Creativity Nurturing Workshops
  •  STEAM Events     
  • Creativity Festivals
  • Conclaves of Stake holders

Institutional Alliances

  • Creative Thinker Foundation establishes partnerships and builds networks with national and international development institutions with the prime objective to connect to their domain expertise, resources, and strengths, with its own developmental initiatives undertaken at the grassroots level. Since 2010 we have been working with various organisations all over the world having focus on nurturing creativity and divergent thinking.
  • Linkages with organisations working for inculcation of scientific temper throughout the country using education as a tool.
  • Department of science and technology Govt. of India has also supported our activities.
  • Along with the expansion and strengthening of existing programmes, Alliances at CTF focuses also on bringing innovations in its programmes through this association with the developmental actors of the world.

Individual Support -

"Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Margaret Mead

Too often in life, we wait around for someone else to instigate the changes we want to see. When we find likeminded people then we over power the doubt on our own abilities. We are capable of bringing the extraordinary changes we aim at.

And this individual hand holding is certainly the need of the hour for India.

So, if we have ever wished to be able to do something for the greater good, the time could not be righter. We don’t have to make radical changes for our efforts to count, because the small changes make a big difference.

Join hands with us, be associated in our efforts and do well by doing good.


“Volunteers are the backbone of every organization” – they not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause.

We at CTF strongly believe in teamwork and its successes in our social initiative in educating children. It is only when the society comes together for a cause, change can be substantial. We encourage our volunteers to actively participate in our activities and work towards our goal of enriching the lives of children. We welcome all those who would like to give their time to bring a change in nurturing talents and make a difference in the development of our country.

Work as Intern -

Work as an Intern – A right platform if looking for an internship opportunity with our NGO!

As an intern, you can work with different tasks within Creative Thinkers Foundation ( Program / Fundraising / Communications / Planning / Volunteering/Odyssey Angel) basis.


- Eligibility criteria: 8 years or older
- Should be able to put in a minimum of 6 weeks.
- Should be passionate about the cause we are working for
- To become an intern, please fill below form.



Mentorship Program–

We, at Creative Thinkers Foundation are starting a "Mentoring Program" for our children!!

We are looking for people who could be potential mentors to underprivileged children and other students who can inspire, empower and help them in their personal development as mentors. We all need someone to guide us to achieve, YOU can be their someone!

You can be from any background of work/study, above 21 years of age and willing to devote time to our children. Do join us in our journey of changing lives through this mentorship program!

Why Raise fund-

Our goal is to help children grow into independent and responsible individuals through the means of formal education coupled with lessons in personality development. We wish to reach out to more such children and with your help and contribution, this could be made possible. We raise funds to hire professionals to help our students with activities and opportunities to shape their skills and develop their personality. Your donation and funds would go towards implementing these activities for the underprivileged children who are a part of our foundation. A small effort from your end would make a big difference to their lives.



Associate Partners