Not-for-profit organization, registered under society registration act vide registration no. S/61017/2008

‘SUPRABHAT’ Ek Naya Savera Society

In 2006 Group of educationists came together to serve the society and bring the change among underprivileged through their sister organisation - ‘SUPRABHAT – Ek Naya Savera’ (Social Utilization Of People And Resources Associated For Building Healthy Atmosphere).

The organization has commitment to bring social change and improvement in the lives of masses through various multi pronged initiatives like Awareness campaigns, workshops  for capacity building skills workshops and enhancing knowledge base for empowerment. The focus is on a better understanding and expertise in the field of science, health, environmental education and life skills.

Some educator members focused on out of school and school drop out children and initiated Creative Thinkers Foundation (CTF)  to bring change in educational environment.

Creative Thinkers Foundation

We are a conglomerate of like minded educators, educationists, scientists and mathematicians who strongly share the vision of creating an education system that caters to extensively social learning, emotional learning, or technology based learning.

We enhance life skills and provide unique experiences in problem solving skills through STEAM
(science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) activities.

We nurture the life skills through hands-on experiential learning and providing unique experiences in problem solving skills, in a peer led group mode.

Our Vision

We strongly believe in providing an environment where education works as an effective tool for total development of children. We look forward in bringing change inculcating hands on skills in our existing education system by unleashing and maximizing the imaginative and creative potential inherent in each child. We intend to go beyond box-in, jacketed education system and boost their out-of-box thinking skills giving wings of imagination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strongly nurture future generation as 'Agents of Change'. Rewiring their brains for Swift, Smart, Spontaneous Decision making Skills . We aim to nurture LEADERS OF TOMORROW.


A Director's Vision

The organization firmly believes that education system should cater to all round development. As future generation may have to face many socio-economic and environmental problems, they need to be well equipped with techniques and technologies of problem solving using natural and financial resources judiciously. We are happy to be a group of individuals who are well qualified, dedicated and committed to bring this change. The use of mixed methods of traditional ways to keep up the ethical values and modern methods for professional skill development is the need of the hour. We welcome more educationists,reformers to join us in our mission to bring the change and nurture more self-confident entrepreneurs.

- Mr. Prebhat Sachdeva
Founder Creative Thinkers Foundation
President - Suprabhat - ek Naya Savera Society

Why Join Us

  • First of its kind, focusing CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING in India with a vision on learning by doing thus enhancing life skills.
  • We propagate World-Class Education using tested Creative Problem solving method introduced worldwide through STEM activities and gear them for facing the modern century challenges.
  • Wish to provide a multifunctional platform in schools especially underprivildged children to foster wings of imagination and develop an innovative mind set.
  • Assist in unlocking the hidden potential of the brain, stimulating and strengthening of life skills and help building resilient and confident generation.
  • We believe in 'Girl Power' to make the foundation of society strong and progressive by providing various life skills workshops .

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